– Classic Reinvented–



Have you ever found yourself wishing that you could bring home some amazing chocolate covered strawberries?  Hoping in vain that they would survive the trip home and make it to the next day? 

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delicately coated in a rich dark chocolate

freeze dried, dark chocolate covered blueberries show how nature and science can work together in mouthwatering harmony

coupling of two super foods in one irresistible 1.25 oz box.

 Fits great in any bag amazing on the go


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the culinary combination that started it all

sweet flavor of ripe, strawberries freeze dried then smothered in a rich, dark chocolate cover

perfect smooth berry taste complemented by the perfect amount of full-body crunch

in a beautiful, easy-to-carry box. That’s it.

Amazing on the go.


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delicious caramel, milk chocolate covered, freeze dried apples

‘fall’-flavored treats delivers a fresh apple flavor complemented by sweat caramel and a milky, chocolaty coating

Welcome autumn year-round

uniquely sweet yet smooth flavor that soothes the palate, excites the tongue, and simply tastes like fun

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1.25 oz box of a classic flavor combo

 tartness of fresh raspberries and a rich chocolate coating

Inside every perfectly chocolaty outside is an aromatic fruity inside


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